Monday, November 10, 2014

F-5 Aircraft Parts

F-5 Aircraft Parts - The F-5 Tiger was first introduced in 1964, and is still supported today. The original manufacture was Northrop Grumman that integrated some of the most advanced weapon systems.

Today the F-5 is used mainly as a lead trainer aircraft. Grumman has now offered a conversion kit that modifies the aircraft from a single cockpit, to now a dual cockpit fuselage. The F-5 Tiger has more than 50 years of operation, and with Grumman continuing to support this platform, look to see more.

Here at AeroBase Group, we pride ourselves in supplying spare parts for this aircraft throughout the globe.

F-5 Aircraft Parts Supported by AeroBase:
6-43902-509 - Aircraft Nosewheel Steering Unit
5035L000-1 - Aircraft Nosewheel Steering Unit
14-76008-501 - Electrical System Selector

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