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Purchasing Aircraft Parts

Purchasing Aircraft Parts

Finding the parts that you need and getting a vendor who can deliver them to you in time is important in the modern day aviation industry. Whether you need to purchase piper parts for a single plane or for a fleet, AeroBase is the place to begin your search. AeroBase has a combined experience of 140 years in Aerospace as well as Defense industry. We focus on Modernization and Sustainment projects both at local and international level. We sign our customers up with committed account managers to enable them deal with the same person any time as well as to give them a sense of acquaintance.

Business Focus

We provide a wide range of service in the areas of sourcing, purchasing, distribution, logistics, 3PL, security and training, engineering, as well as parts and procurement. As a company that serves both national and international clients, AeroBase offers value added services such as procurement and sourcing of parts that customers require. The company’s part number records include National Stock Numbers, Technical elements and Manufacture Cross Reference Numbers

The company offers support to Government departments across the world, maintenance and repair operations, prime contractors, brokers, distributors and contract manufacturers. The main aim of the company’s team is to meet its customer’s needs to their satisfaction. ABG has a unique way of adapting to its client’s dynamic needs and making use of aviation’s top technology to develop unique solutions for its clients.

Important Information for Clients

Purchasing an aircraft parts is a huge investment and there are several aspects of ownership that should be considered serious prior to signing the sale agreement. AeroBase is dedicated to ensuring that our client’s buying aircraft parts is as rewarding as it can possible.  Here are major factors that you should consider when buying aircraft parts:

Inspecting before Purchase

Pre-purchase inspection is extremely important. Most of the times, this element is overlooked during an aircraft purchase decision making process. The truth is, most aircraft's have primary flaws that can cost you thousands of dollars to rectify which can be identified during the pre-purchase inspection. There are different ways through which such anomalies can be rectified. For instance, the prospective buy may request the aircraft manufacturer or owner to rectify the problem or renegotiate the price.

Engine Hours

The other factor to consider when buying aircraft parts is the time between overhaul (TBO). This is a major determinant of resale value. TBO is measured in engine hours; the higher the TBO, the higher the price. It is in your best interest to be aware of an aircraft’s TBO because this factor enables you to negotiate the price of the aircraft particularly when you are purchasing a used aircraft.

Damage history 

Check the aircraft for major repairs because those will affect its value significantly. The impact of damage history on an aircraft’s value depends on the kind of accident, the extent to which main components were involved and the nature of accident. An aircraft that has a damage history must be scrutinized seriously to ensure that it is repaired well. 

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